Who are we?

Direct-A-Friend Pictures LLC

Specializing in on-location production, Direct-A-Friend Pictures LLC is a Bucks County-based video production and photography company. Leverage your audience with live action aesthetics.  

Tom Smith

A graduate of Ithaca College's Bachelor of Fine Arts program in Film, Photography and Visual Arts, Tom Smith originally intended to study drama at the small liberal arts school, but due to his experiences in local theatre, changed in favor of the - what he considers - more technical medium. These experiences began with a community troop of actors, the ActorsNET of Bucks County. 
     Here Tom had his first encounters with lighting and sound equipment and, perhaps most importantly, dramatic structure and performance. This intimate theatrical company instilled in him the necessity of craft in all endeavors - artistic or other - and is where he grew enamored with ‘doing what he could with what he had’. Along with a razor-edged professionalism, this frame of mind was combined with the pressure associated with meeting strict deadlines, which live performances are subject to. It was this insight that reassured Tom he would find success in the motion picture business. 
     After a year in school Tom had the opportunity to again learn from his community, this time in the discipline of Journalism. Shooting both photos and video of the events he covered in and around his area, those ideas of professionalism and technique were furthered with the documentary and social aspects of reporting. 
     While at IC he spent a total of four and a half months abroad in Italy and Spain studying Spanish and photography. There he took hundreds of photographs of the people and ways of life.
     Fascinated with mythology and folklore, he seeks to produce films that explore the human condition. His influences and favorite filmmakers include, John Ford, The Brother’s Quay, David Lean and Paul Thomas Anderson.